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Savoring The Memory To The Full

Some memories are unforgettable, some memories are likely to forget, and some are hard to remember because of their quality of relinquish. However, memories are the different moments that we instill in our minds. It is so hard for us to wipe them away. Even though, we have a tendency to forget them immediately, trying hard to save them even by remembering a slightest word, scene or a sound is what makes them so special.

To our relief, the new innovative mind of the humans have achieved a new breakthrough, from which we can revise the awesome, bitter-sweet moments of our life and refresh the memory. This new discovery is what we call as a “camera”, at present. Is it not wonderful? How people come up with something new to cover the tracks of their weakness forgetting things?

Nevertheless, photos or snaps are doing a tremendous duty in bringing back our beautiful, special happy and sad moments throughout the life. Indeed, that is why the famous adage goes as “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In reality, the professional photographers are the useful sources that help us in making these moments last. Hence, it is not wrong to say that they are the only powerful ones who can capture the essence of an image that is worth a lifetime for us.

In the meantime, it is arguable that like most of the people think, images are not just a mixture of colors that are caught on a paper. In fact, there is more to that. They simply are something that can evoke our raw emotions or memories inside of us. So what a poet can do by using his playful words, and an author can do by gripping his readers’ imagination are not likely the tasks of a professional photographer. Why? Because a poet’s words can get lost in translation, and an author cannot expect his readers to have the same imagination as his, yet a photographer is the only person who is able to give the exact moment of happiness or sadness, just as it was felt by the owner of that moment. In fact, images can more succinctly represent this world than complicated prose.

Pictures are an important source that connects us to those who came before us. Why it is said so, because any parent would want to keep their child in the same childish way he/she was born. Loveable, immature and most importantly babies are innocent, but the known truth is children would grow, like every person and everything is subjected to change in this world. So to keep hold on to their sweet memories of seeing you as a baby, even though, you grow, the parents would do anything. And the only possibility that is available for them to retain these memories is by taking pictures of your childhood. So why not a picture worth a thousand words?

How To Celebrate Your Birthday In Dubai

Any birthday is a fun birthday. Most of you may think there are only few ways to celebrate a birthday. Cutting a cake and throwing party are only few ways, each year you can try something new and why not celebrate it in Dubai. Here are few ways that you can celebrate your birthday in Dubai. Dubai is a very open city and it is easy to travel there since they allow visa on arrival for most passports in the world. Here are few ways to you can celebrate your birthday in Dubai.

Go on a safari

Going on a desert safari is one of the most innovative ways to celebrate your birthday. There are plenty of tour guides and planners who can arrange this for you. You can either go on a one day safari or stay few days in the desert. If you are going with a bunch of friends and family this will be a very enjoyable way to celebrate the birthday since most of these have belly dancers and traditional entertainments.

Celebrate on a yacht

Apart from a desert safari one of the best ways is to have a small party on a yacht. You can rent a yacht from a yacht rental company. Dubai is very famous for its yacht tours. You can either celebrate alone or with your friends and family. If you need to throw a boat party that is available too. Throwing a boat party is quite fun, I am sure it is something many of you have dreamt of doing over the years and may be on one of the birthdays you can try that in Dubai. Renting a yacht is cheaper in Dubai than in most other countries.

Book a movie hall and celebrate

This is somewhat of a common way to celebrate the birthday. But there is a way to make this special too. There are gold recliner seat cinemas in Dubai which you can hire the entire movie hall for a show. If you are up for it, you can gather up your friends and family and book the entire hall and watch a movie. This is actually more fun than it sounds. Because the idea of you hiring the entire hall for yourself is a fun way to celebrate the birthday.

Go on a shopping spree

If you are more of a shopaholic your birthday is all the more reasons to justify your addiction. Shopping is the number one activity on Dubai. You can find absolutely anything here. So why not go on a shopping spree on your birthday. You can either do it alone or take few other shopaholic friends as well.

Tips On Finding The Right Attestation Service

Getting your certificates and other documents authenticated by a recognized body is always a tedious task. Since this is the process of getting a grantee that your degree or certificate is authentic it’s vital that the process is done correctly. You can see to this process yourself but it might be more reliable to find a service provider that will assist you in this task. So here are a few tips on how to find the right one.

Tracking facilities

Since your documents and certificates which will only have one original it’s vital that you know where it is and how far down the process it has gone. Most of these authentications process take place when you need to apply for a job abroad or apply for a university aboard for education. Which means you need to know the progress and how long it’s going to take, in order to maybe a get deadline extensions in case something goes wrong. Therefore when choosing an attestation service provider, make sure that they can give you tracking facilities for your document. This will also enable you to monitor your documents and certificates and make sure that they are in good hands at all times.

The delivery time

As mentioned before in this process time is a very valuable factor. You therefore need to find a provider that has a good reputation for being on time or being able to give express services. There are companies that can deliver in 3 days and there are companies that take longer than that. So when making your decision calculates and see what your deadline is and see if the provider can facilitate to that. If not then you may need to move on find another one.

Are they licensed?

This is a very important factor to consider. You need to be sure that the Abu Dhabi attestation service provider is fully licensed for provider these required services. Many people make the mistake of choosing travel agents to certify documents if they are travelling abroad. While travel agents do provide this service what must be noted is that this is not their core business which could mean that your documents maybe certified by an outsourced supplier. Therefore make sure that you chose a company that specializes on this business.

Since this a vital process you need to be sure that you trust the right people. When making the final decision always find out what the companies fall back plans are. In these cases the risks are either the documents may get lost during the process or it may get delayed. In such case find out that the company will do to recover and minimize that damage. Make sure that they have policies regarding these kinds of situations.