Different Types Of Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles are used in our day to day lives for construction purposes, transportation of equipment and even people. They are very frequently used in earthwork operations and activities, and can be classified and configured to many ways. Up until the late 1800’s people mainly used animal power with the control and help of humans. It has evolved over the years and the vehicles that are found today are much more convenient and user friendly than what it used to be. Given below are different types of heavy vehicles that are used in the present day.

Rigid Trucks

These are basically various motor vehicles which can carry and pull loads. There are many types of trucks that can be classified according to their size, for it comes in various and different sizes to meet the numerous uses. There are the ultra-light trucks and the very light trucks, which are smaller in size and factory redesigns. These vehicles are mostly used in Japan as road utility vehicles. The heavy trucks and the off road trucks are mainly used as heavy dump trucks and concrete pump trucks.

Prime Movers

Drivers need to have commercial license to drive these vehicles. They are mainly used to haul home equipment when moving from place to place and can attach containers to it. They have large diesel engines for power and durability. There are the multi combination ones where more than one container could be attached to a single vehicle. They are extremely dangerous and drivers must drive them with caution.

Special Purpose Units

These equipment are typically used in construction sites to move earth and ride through to flatten the ground, move chunks of earth and dig, break and move rocks and other hard materials. Drivers need to have a Dubai commercial license in order to drive one of these special purpose unites. There are plant based ones as well as truck based units.


These people movers are the most common in every country. You can’t do without them, and you can’t do with them either – bearing in mind how there can be reckless drivers who hog the roads. They are an excellent mode of public transportation. There are many types such as the Omni bus and the double deckers are easy ways of transporting passengers. From school transport services to political campaigns, many of these other activities too can be carried out in buses.

Given above are some of the many types of heavy vehicles that are used today.