Impacts Of Globalization; The Changes We Can See

With the march of technological revolution the world took a new nature as there started greater connection between countries. The countries of the world which were once very distant and isolated became parts of the global village and they are no longer unreachable as communication from one corner to other corner of the world takes only a few seconds now. The globalization has brought many changes to many aspects of the world and lined down below are some impacts of globalization
Education system
Because the countries in the world are now very much connected, the education system has also become broader and inclusive of many areas. In early days what was taught in schools were mostly confined to the subjects that are relevant for the subsistence within the country. But with the globalization the education system is largely modified to create a person who can expose himself or herself to the world with a broader knowledge as to the global aspects. This modification can be seen from the Dubai nursery schools to universities. The prominence given to English language with is considered as the connecting language in the world and the introduction of subjects and study areas such as international studies, diplomacy and global affairs manifests the shift of the education system as a result of globalization.
Job market
The changes that have taken place in the job market also make it evident that globalization is an influential factor. It is seen that the jobs are now open to the world and you can work abroad with a working visa. It is seen that in many countries thee are residents who have migrated from abroad and they continue to become a part of such countries. For an instance there are British nurseries in Dubai because there are people from other countries who have moved there permanently because they have found jobs there. The requirements for certain jobs also require knowledge on global aspects as even in jobs within ones country there are many interactions between other countries. The concepts of legal process outsourcing and business franchising also support to prove the fact that the job market is changed due to globalization.
Lifestyle of the people
The way of living of the people has also changed to a greater extent due to globalization. Now almost all the aspects of people’s lives are being modified and the changes that used to be there in the life styles of people in different countries are gradually fading away. The way people dress, the way they eat, their tastes and preferences are also being globalized as the people are exposed to the whole world vial social media platforms and other methods and they seem to follow what they see and hear.