What Is A Trademark?

With so many people in the business world trying to make a name for themselves it has become very important to make your product stand out from the other similar products on the market. Now in any business unless you came up with something so completely new that you have a monopoly on the market usually you are going to have a lot of other competitors in the business. For an example if you run a fast food joint every other fast food joint industry are your competitors. Now for this purpose people try to make their product as different from the rest as possible. But the thing us for people to continue to come back to buy your product you need to make sure they only buy from you. This is where a trademark comes in.
This is basically a word, phrase, symbol, or design that can be used to refer to your business, for an example the Mc Donald’s logo. These are not similar to patents which protect data and copyrights that protect ideas. They are simply there to protect that specific phrase, symbol or design. Having a logo is not good enough though. For it to be protected you must ensure that you follow the proper proceedings for trademark registration in your country. If you do not do this someone else can easily use your logo or phrase and there is nothing you can do about it legally. Of course this also means that you cannot register something that is similar to an existing one. Your one needs to be original and different.
Now when it comes to trademark registration Dubai you have the ability to trademark a specific word, phrase, symbol, or design. Now an example for a word would be like what I referred to earlier Mc Donald’s. A phrase can be something like what certain sports brands like Nike has as their catchphrase like “just do it” in this case. As long as it is original you can get it done. But keep in mind that this does not mean that you will be able to register racist word, phrase, symbol, or design. As long as that is satisfied you are good to go. Building on the earlier example a symbol can be the Nike mark and the design can be something like the Olympic circles.
All in all there are various different ways you can have a trademark. The only thing you truly need to worry about is getting it right. That is to say you need to make sure that it’s not complex and catchy, otherwise it would be pointless.